Intro Python w/ ArcGIS March 24-25; Advanced Python w/ ArcGIS March 26-27 in Denver, Colorado


I’ll be teaching (through Geospatial Training Services) two Programming ArcGIS with Python courses in Denver this March.

Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – March 24th – 25th – University of Phoenix, 8700 Turnpike Dr., Westminster, CO 80030

This is our introductory level ArcGIS programming class, and will include the following modules:

Chapter 1: Python Basics for GIS Programming
Chapter 2: Writing Basic Geoprocessing Scripts with Arcpy
Chapter 3: Managing Map Documents and Layers
Chapter 4: Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links
Chapter 5: Automating Map Production and Printing
Chapter 6: Executing Geoprocessing Tools from Scripts
Chapter 7: Creating Custom Geoprocessing Tools
Chapter 8: Querying and Selecting Data
Chapter 9: Using the Arcpy Data Access Module
Chapter 10: Listing and Describing GIS Data
Chapter 11: Customizing the ArcGIS Interface with Add-Ins
Chapter 12: Error Handling and Troubleshooting

Course price: $760

Advanced ArcGIS Programming with Python (March 26th – 27th at the same location) is the logical continuation class for our Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop. This class is designed for intermediate level ArcGIS/Python programmers looking to take their geoprocessing script development to the next level with ArcGIS.

Course modules include:

Chapter 1: User Interface Development with wxPython
Chapter 2: Creating ArcGIS Python Toolboxes
Chapter 3: Using ArcGIS REST APIs with Python
Chapter 4: Advanced Arcpy Data Access Techniques
Chapter 5: Advanced Arcpy Mapping Features
Chapter 6: Miscellaneous Topics (Mapping Input Fields, Graphing, Using FeatureSets, ArcGIS Server, ValueTables, More)

Course price: $760

Bring your own laptop and save 15%. Will need to have ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2, or 10.3 installed. Enter the discount code ‘laptop’ when checking out online.

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