Slides from Denver Geospatial Amateurs’ talk, August 11, 2015: The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and the Earthquake in Nepal: Data Quality and the Crowd

Having moved to Denver almost exactly a year ago, I’ve really grown to love the GIS community here. It’s a group of bright, funny, innovative folks from all fields – academia, industry, the government, startups, oil, urban planning, and humanitarian aid.

If you live near Denver, be sure to check out the monthly Geospatial Amateurs Meetup  which normally meets for drinks and talks once a month downtown right next to Coors Field (luckily, when a game isn’t going on).  In addition, GIS Colorado, an all day event encompassing all of Colorado, meets four times a year. And if that wasn’t enough, GIS in the Rockies is a multi-day conference which this year (2015) will be held at the University of Denver.

I gave a talk to the Geospatial Amateurs meetup on August 11 about my look into the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team’s response to the 2015 Nepal earthquake and some issues of data quality that came up. Feel free to check out the slides and provide feedback.

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